Friday, 13 July 2012

Shinai is born - Shinai je rođen

On left is Shinai, my new kite board!  On right my 2011 build (no name:)

By suggestion from kiting community, and being a bamboo board, hence Shinai (
(竹刀) - is a weapon used for practice and competition representing a Japanese sword.

Weight before accessories 2545 grams, 137x40.5cm, concave 3mm, rocker about 3cm (straight 1/3).

And now for my next project, I'll make some fins for my board...


  1. Hi Dean, I've been seriously out of action for a while so just catching up on the latest. Well done on the Shinai. It looks excellent! the rails look very cool. Well done!

  2. Thanks Matt,
    been abusing it for a week now, and it's been really good.
    No spray at all, for instance! I can't ride my North any more, or my style changed a bit since Shinai is so flexible.
    Take care!
    Greetings from Bali.

  3. Awesome Dean!!!! That's fantastic to hear. How does it do hold the edge? Any thoughts about what impact the fin place does to it the ride???

  4. Thanks Matt!
    With the 1" diy fins it was quite skate-ish feeling, could hold it but definitely better with 5cm fins.
    I'm working on the next one which will have a double inserts for fins so I can try different positions and compare the ride. Will be exactly the same size and shape.
    What I can tell for sure is it feels much smaller than 137 and it's ripping upwind. And that is not only my view:)
    Can't wait for stronger wind in wa...